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Patient Testimonials

“When I was nine years old, I experienced something that most children do not go through. I lost my best friend, my hero, my dad. Luckily I had a strong and supportive family, especially my mother. She decided that it was best for my brother and me to go to a family psychologist, Dr. Dachman, where I was able to open up and express my feelings. By letting out my true feelings and always knowing I could count on my family and my psychologist, I was able to get through this difficult time and become the strong person that I am today. I want to help others as much as Dr. Dachman helped me.”

~ Cassie, college senior

“Working with BPA has been one of the best decisions we have made for our kids. We have worked with other practices as well - and our best results have been during our time with BPA. We have worked with 4 different associates over the years, and have consistently received the best counseling: good advice on ideas that can be used for the whole family, how to implement plans and when to pull back from plans when no longer effective. We have also received insight to help us manage the schools and their plans with our kids. I could go on and on!”

~ Steve, father of two.

“Dr. Ron Dachman and the team at Behavioral Psychology Associates have not only given our family the courage to seek therapy but through their unwavering dedication to excellence they’ve given us the hope to remain. For seven years this practice has been a safe haven for my family in the storms of everyday life.”

~ Carol, mother of three.

“I was sitting at lunch with my boss and an outside recruiter that my boss has worked with in the past. The conversation turned to kids and families. The recruiter started talking about challenges they have had with their teenage son. She stated that the difficulties at home caused them to seek help for the first time in their lives. At this point I felt the need to toss on my “I can help” hat and say that I know this awesome psychologist in Schaumburg. She says ‘thanks, but no thanks. Our son is doing well and we are much happier. Dr. Dachman has really helped us.’ When we got back to our office after lunch, my boss said “By the way, is that the Dr. Ron you talk about? “Yes it is,” was my response!”

~ Sarah, mother of two.

“I can’t say enough about Behavioral Psychology Associates. I don't know how we would survive without their support and guidance. Parenting is a learn-as-you-go job, but when raising a child with very challenging multiple neurobehavioral disorders, one needs superhuman parenting skills. Dr. Ron Dachman and Mrs. Deb Megson have given us those skills. We have been under the care of their group for about eight years and I can honestly say they have been our lifeline. They have enabled us to not only be exceptional parents for our exceptional child, but to still enjoy parenting and to love our challenging child along the way. The younger sibling of our high needs child also receives treatment through BPA to help her handle her sibling-related stress. She could easily have been in the shadows, but with the help of BPA we can make sure that she is healthy, happy, and thriving. Our regular appointments are the most crucial piece of treatment for our family; the time is well spent - an investment in each child's future and our own.”

~ Kathy, mother of two.

“My son began services with Dr. Dachman in 2012, as a high school sophomore. He was struggling with the aftermath of a severe concussion with permanent memory changes and the recent suicide of a close friend. Dr. Dachman helped him cope with his loss, navigate a plan to go to college and deal with much strife that comes with high school athletics. Ron has been instrumental in keeping my son on track and helping him work through countless difficulties that teenagers face. Ron has guided my husband and I in the best way to help our son. The changes in our approach to parenting that Ron suggested have made major improvements in our household. We are all much happier! I don't know what we would have done without his help. We are truly thankful for all the help he has given us.”

~ Lauren, mother of a teenage son.

“Along with having a compassionate and effective focus on the individual, we truly appreciated the fact that attention was paid to the whole family unit.”

~ Debra, mother of two.

“Our family has worked with Behavioral Psychology Associates for almost 10 years. Dr. Dachman is more than a doctor; we consider him our expert guide, an advocate, our sounding board, a friend and most importantly, our partner. He has helped us to understand our son’s mood disorder and has taught us parenting strategies which enable us to effectively respond to him. Dr. Dachman has also been an advocate for our son. He has partnered with us in confronting school related issues, bullying and IEP accommodations. More importantly, he has developed a long standing, trusting relationship with our son and is extremely effective in connecting with him. He is someone our son confides in and is someone our son has independently reached out to. Dr. Dachman celebrates our son’s successes with as much enthusiasm as his own success. In addition, he has been a tremendous help to our other children in handling the stresses of growing up in today’s world. We believe it takes a community to raise a child and every day we are grateful that Dr. Dachman is a part of our community and our team.”

~ Brian, father of three sons.

“Dr. Dachman and Behavioral Psychology Associates have been instrumental in healing the wounds left by a particularly bitter divorce. He brings insight, a measured approach, and a willingness to make every family member accountable without judging anyone’s behavior. Through many reunification sessions between parent and teenage children, and co-parenting sessions between father and mother, he has helped our family move toward the emotional ground on which we all would like to stand, but cannot seem to find on our own.

When we began sessions with Dr. Dachman, there was little to no communication and no progress toward reconciliation. Thanks to his steady hand, keen mind and gentle compassion, we have made great and much needed progress. Our journey is not over, but I am confident in his ability to guide us on the right path. I look forward to all of us having the understanding and rewarding relationships we deserve.”

~ Paul, father of four daughters.

“I brought my children to Dr. Dachman so that they could have someone unbiased to talk to during tough family times due to a divorce. Although kids have a tough time opening up and talking to someone in this situation, Dr. Dachman was able to relate to them and help them. He is a great listener and a genuine person. My children still talk about him. ”

~ David, father of two teenage sons.

“At a particularly difficult time for our family, we received from Dr. Dachman warm, humane and compassionate care that went above and beyond. His commitment to our family never wavered throughout the years and has been an invaluable source of support.”

~ Adrianna, mother of two daughters.

“We have had the good fortune to rely on Behavioral Psychology Associates for the care of our family. As parents of two teenagers (female & male) with different emotional, social, and learning challenges we have been thankful for the care and assistance of Doctor Dachman. Thankfully under the wonderful care of this doctor both of our children are now thriving as happy productive young adults.”

~ Thomas and Julie, parents of two.

“I’m the sort of person who always thought I’d have all the answers. Certainly when it came to parenting, I thought I’d have all the answers. When I realized that I didn’t, I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Dachman. He has been able to reach my son in a way that I couldn’t, and he has been able to help me in ways that I didn't know I’d need. Dr. Dachman genuinely cares about my son, and is a positive influence on our lives.”

~ Tracey, mother of two boys.

“Behavioral Psychology Associates has been there for our family. I am a wife and mother of two children. We have been clients of BPA with results! My child has attended classes and camps and has walked away with new ideas in handling situations. My kids have also been involved in the community service volunteer group since it began. They have learned how to help and pay it forward. I am so proud that a doctor’s office has this for their clients. While receiving services it was suggested that we see the psychiatrist for an additional treatment plan. I was very happy at how things were explained and introduced to our child. The staff that my family has worked with has been there for us. I have recommended this office to many families and all have shared positive remarks. Thank you BPA!”

~ Kirsten, mother of two children.

“Dr Ron Dachman has helped our son understand ADHD and himself. He has given him tools to help him progress in high school. Above helping him, Dr Ron has also helped us (the parents) accept and understand his behavior to make our home calmer and homework time less stressful. We appreciate the support and genuine interest in finding the best solutions for us and reminding us what a wonderful son we have. Thank you Dr Ron for being there and helping us keep an even keel.”

~ Marjorie, mother of one.

Behavioral Psychology