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Professional Testimonials

“I have been a Pediatrician in Schaumburg for 40 years and it has been my great pleasure to have worked with Dr. Ron Dachman and his associates for many of those years. As a Pediatric specialist in Psychology Dr. Dachman has served our patients in their time of need with much care, compassion, and concern. I, as well as my partners at Woodfield Pediatrics, cannot thank Dr. Dachman enough.”

~ Jerome T. Meservey, M.D., Woodfield Pediatrics S.C.

“I am a Pediatrician practicing in McHenry County for over 30 years. My affiliation with Behavioral Psychology Associates has created a significantly helpful and positive experience for many of my patients. I plan to continue utilizing Behavioral Psychology Associates -- as a “referring” physician, I have learned to definitely stay with a ‘consultant’ who has Rave-Reviews from my patients and excellent feed-back to me.”

~ R. David Halstead, M.D., Centegra Health

“I have been a Pediatrician in the Barrington and Crystal Lake Community for the last 30 years. Ron Dachman and others at Behavioral Psychology Associates have caringly guided our patients and families for the last 15 years. For part of that time, Ron and his staff shared our office together. Those days were so amazing! I would, several times a week be able to see,share and talk to them about all my patient referrals This group is by far and away the best pediatric psychology group in the Northwestern suburbs. I have seven partners in my pediatric group,and we all are thankful for the Behavioral Psychology team....As I say every day to my patients--we want the A team for your child and family. This practice will continue to receive my special patients.”

~ Mary Collins, M.D., Pediatric Specialists of the Northwest

“Our pediatric practice in Arlington Heights has been referring patients to Ron Dachman and his colleagues at Behavioral Psychology Associates for over 25 years. They have handled some of our more challenging cases and have always been readily available to consult with us by phone or email. Our confidence in their work is best demonstrated by the number of our own staff and friends’ family members who we have referred to them.”

~ David Dobkin, M.D., North Arlington Pediatrics

“As a pediatrician, and mom of three, I see the challenges that families face while raising children in today’s complicated world. Some children experience extreme adversity while others struggle with the typical stressors of trying to measure up with their peers. Dr. Dachman and his colleagues are an instrumental resource for kids and their parents by helping to teach coping mechanisms to successfully confront challenges, as well as useful strategies to bounce back from setbacks. The clinicians at Behavioral Psychology Associates work as a team with the family and child’s pediatrician to help promote the emotional health and well-being for children with a wide range of psychological needs. I feel fortunate to have had such a close working relationship for more than ten years with this very dedicated group of psychologists.”

~ Mary Jo Gawronski, D.O., Pediatric Specialists of the Northwest

“It has been my pleasure to call Dr. Dachman my friend for almost 50 years. We grew up together in the northern suburbs, playing baseball almost every day in the summer. We attended high school together and reconnected again once we started our practices. I can state, without hesitation, that Dr. Dachman is one of the most caring, committed, and compassionate caregivers that I have had the pleasure to work with. He has always been available for patient discussions, has been a resource for information pertaining to all aspects of child and adolescent psychology, and has promptly and comprehensively communicated with us regarding mutual patients. The rest of his staff has been refreshingly approachable and receptive to our requests and suggestions. When a patient requires urgent intervention, Dr. Dachman and his associates have always been able to accommodate our requests in an efficient and timely manner. Unfortunately, mental health issues have become a greater percentage of our practice than ever before. Patients with attention deficit disorders, depression, anxiety, and poor academic performance issues are seen on a daily basis. It is important to have a superior referral source to handle these issues. I recommend Behavioral Psychology Associates without hesitation.”

~ Merrick Bromberg, D.O., Ad-Park Pediatric Associates, S.C.

“I have been a practicing pediatrician in Arlington Heights for 15 years. Right from the start, I have been fortunate to be part of a collaborative relationship with Dr. Dachman and many other wonderful psychologists at Behavioral Psychology Associates. Many patients have benefitted from the variety of services that they offer. Patients and parents working through preschool behavioral problems, academic concerns, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and many other psychological issues have been supported and guided with great professional skill, empathy, and compassion. I appreciate their willingness to communicate with me so that together we can help our patients. I highly recommend Behavioral Psychology Associates to my patients and have seen wonderful results!”

~ Kristen Brown, M.D., North Arlington Pediatrics

“Today, mental health concerns account for a large portion of what I treat in primary care pediatrics. It is vitally important to have access to knowledgeable and trusted mental health professionals with whom I can consult. Behavioral Psychology Associates has been a reliable source of high quality care for my patients since I started in practice twenty years ago. Over that time I’ve developed a collaborative relationship with several of the psychologists on staff. They have served as a valuable resource for advice in dealing with a multitude of issues from ADHD to depression and suicidality and have provided compassionate and comprehensive care to many of my patients who were in need of diagnosis, counseling and emotional support. The care I have experienced, both personally and professionally, has always demonstrated the utmost concern for my patients well-being, and I refer with confidence that my patients emotional and behavioral needs will be well taken care of.”

~ Tim Geleske, MD

“I have been a local pediatrician for many years. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Dr. Ron Dachman and his gifted colleagues for the mental health concerns of my patients and their families. The wonderful team at Behavioral Psychology Associates is well-equipped to provide comprehensive and caring support through a variety of challenging mental health issues that children and their parents face today.

Included among these issues are behavioral and school problems, depression and anxiety, stressors of life transitions and chronic illnesses, and even coping with loss and grief. The dedicated professionals at Behavioral Psychology Associates have the knowledge and skills to guide families to successfully manage their difficulties, and do so with kindness and compassion.

I rely on our partnership to provide complete emotional health and wellbeing for my patients and their families. I confidently recommend Behavioral Psychology Associates as valuable source of excellent care.”

~ Adrienne Edge, M.D., Pediatric Health Partner

“I have been a Pediatrician in Schaumburg for 13 years and have worked closely with Dr. Ron Dachman and his associates on many occasions. Dr. Dachman has treated our patients with kindness and compassion. The level of his care has exceeded expectations. My partners and I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Dachman in our community.”

~ Jocelyn Robertson, M.D., Woodfield Pediatrics

“I am a practicing primary care pediatrician in Hoffman Estates and Algonquin with several associates. For over 20 years, our practice has been referring patients with a variety of psychological problems to Behavioral Psychology Associates under the direction of Ronald Dachman, Ph. D. Our patients have typically commented that they are very happy with the professional mental health services that they received at Behavioral Psychology Associates, and we would certainly continue to recommend their services.”

~ Pediatric Care Associates

“As a pediatrician, I have referred patients to Behavioral Psychology Associates for more than a decade. I rely upon their professional skills and knowledge to care for patients with anxiety, depression, social and academic issues, problems dealing with life and family transitions and difficulties coping with the strains of chronic illness. When I refer to BPA, I do so knowing that this team has not only the knowledge necessary to help patients with difficult issues, but also has the ability to connect with patients and their parents. This personal connection is crucial in helping families deal with the apprehension and fear which often accompany mental health issues. Families often feel lost when faced with such challenging problems. The psychologists at BPA caringly help families regain their footing and the capacity to address problems in a positive, more confident way. Families feel comfortable with them and trust them. I will continue to refer patients to the psychologists at BPA because I have seen the tremendous impact they have had on the lives of my patients.”

~ Terri L. O’Malley, M.D.

“I highly recommend Behavioral Psychology Associates and have trusted this practice to treat a variety of patient problems for over twenty years. They have skilled therapists who form individualized treatment plans for each patient. They work closely with the primary care pediatricians to help each child succeed in their current challenge. They are excellent communicators and will match your child with a therapist to meet his or her needs.”

~ Beth Walsh, M.D., Pediatrician

Behavioral Psychology